Challenge : “How might we prevent homeless people from eviction once they have found a place to live?”
Solution :  “Appart rescue” is a platform that prevents homeless people living in a very precarious situation from being evicted from their shelters.


Challenge: “How might we allow social workers to better help their users to better have access to psychological care in order to improve their mental health?”
Solution : “Paco” is a platform allowing social workers to quickly identify, diagnose and obtain recommendations about their user’s mental health and orient them to the best healthcare professional.


Challenge: “How might we help homeless people to be more autonomous when finding and keeping a new shelter?”
Solution : “Ange-Gardien” is a service provided by building managers to guide homeless people who have already found a shelter make their new situation durable in time.


Challenge : “How might we help LHSS (shelters) residents to be more independent when preparing their personal and professional project and release social workers from these workload?”
Solution :  “Avus” is an sponsorship program to help homeless people living in shelters have better access to information and build a durable and feasible personal and professional project.


Challenge : “How might we help homeless young adults who feel apart from society to feel integrated with others?”
Solution : “Tournesol” is a collaborative meeting place where culture, entertainment and sport allow citizens and homeless people to meet and connect with each other”

ESSEC Students’ quotes

“We were surprised to see how difficult was for homeless people to identify and communicate their needs and feelings in relation to loneliness and mental health issues…”

“This is my favorite course at ESSEC. It is very well designed, we really feel that you have were really committed to delivering a good experience for us.”

“The most actionable and hands-on course I have in my cursus.”

“I really appreciated our visit to La Chorba. It was a very powerful experience not only academically, but personally. This was the perfect moment and activity to get closer to the problem for the first time.”

“I have to say that the interviews and the fieldwork was very consuming for me in terms of energy and time, but at the end I really appreciated it, I was happy to get to meet and spend time with the NGO’s and the referents.”