A challenge-based idea accelerator

EXPAND is a 3-year Erasmus+ project.
This is a challenge-based accelerator program & toolbox for university students and teaching staff, focused on tackling major societal problems.

EXPAND is a 3-year European project.

The main goal of EXPAND is to develop a 4-month idea accelerator program for future entrepreneurs tackling systemic problems in society. After embedding all the learnings of the first Idea Accelerator, the project will disseminate a practical toolbox with the best practices to replicate the accelerator in other universities or institutions.

The toolbox will be available to teaching staff worldwide and it will include a viable, replicable and scalable methodology for implementing a challenge-based idea accelerator.

Through its pilot year, the first Expand Idea Accelerator will focus on addressing the challenge of homelessness.

In the last available global survey, about 100 million people worldwide were estimated to be homeless, with as many as 1.6 billion lacking adequate housing. Social entrepreneurship can be a valuable help, bringing the best out of diversity, innovation and problem-solving potential.


EXPANDing Society: How

Because society can and should be thought together, its challenges can be overcome through access to the right tools.

Expand’s toolbox is aimed at higher education teaching staff and builds on the creativity of students combined with design thinking and challenge-based education to tackle societal challenges.

By stimulating social entrepreneurship in students, we’ll be setting up the scene for the future problem solvers of society.


10 weeks of:

Inspirational keynotes
Case studies
Field Experience
Demo Day

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